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Officers of RocKnRoLL    
DustyDreamer - Leader
LilChibi - Director (Lilli)
Plae - Marshal
Neviara - Marshal
DhoomKing - Marshal
Kittylin - Marshal
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Welcome to RocKnRoLL    

Welcome to RocKnRoLL

We are a Team based Faction working together toward a common goal that reaches new heights.
We Follow The Code
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RocKnRoLL Rules

DustyDreamer, Oct 21, 11 4:13 PM.

Know The Code;

The Code is how you will treat everyone that is in RocKnRoLL.

If there is a problem, You are required to bring it to the attention of your leaders by mail or PM.

No Drama in Faction Chat.

PKing & RPKing

Due to the nature of the game this is now tolerated in RocKnRoLL.

Remember though, You start it, You finish it.



Are not allowed in RocKnRoLL.


OK guys, I am putting this out here and it might sound kind of harsh. RocKnRoLL is not about getting a quick ride through your lower levels through fc. Begging for fc will get not get you ANYWHERE. Just because someone is a higher level doesnt mean that they are required to run you through fc to level. Do not expect it and it might happen :)

Edit: I've been asked this a few times, catshops are ok if you're still active its just the characters that are JUST for catshops we're are not a catshop alt guild, be on be active, catshop in afk if you must. :)

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We are recruiting any and all Active races that are agreeably suited to the RocKnRoLL way.
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